Gay black and white dating email questions for online dating

OMG, it's like black people aren't a monolith or something. Toss In The Abyss: How as soon as I mention some experience that relates to being black, they IMMEDIATELY counter with something to the effect of "me too" or "yea, that's how it is for everyone" or anything discounting what I just said about my experience.

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loveypower: I switch my hair up a lot from sew ins, to naturals, to wigs and i always get asked how'd you get your hair to do that...i mean come on in 2016 have people NOT heard of extensions?! cheshirecatsmiley: How much harder you have to work at everything to be seen as at least as good as someone else.

Ill-intentioned or not, nobody ever wants to feel like they're there just because. Please, don't try to get cute with us about it because chances's not cute.

cheshirecatsmiley: That 5 seconds when you hear about someone committing a crime somewhere and you're silently hoping they aren't black.

There are black people who do fit stereotypes like being able to twerk or not being able to swim..there's nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes--gasp--we fit some stereotypes and don't fit others.

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