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Before the war of independence in 1857, Sayyedwala and Gogera were busy grain markets astride Ravi and stopovers for caravans’ enroute to Lahore.

When the war broke out, Sayyedwala offered stiff resistance and as it flopped, the wrath of the British Empire began.

The Raj did not realise that cities emulate human life; they can wear out but never be omitted from public memories.

Embankments were constructed to save the fort and divert the floods to Sayyedwala.

To avoid disambiguation, it is named as Qadeem Sayyedwala, Purana Sayyedwala and lastly, just Sayyedwala.

The story of Sayyedwala goes as Sher Shah Suri wanted to develop a new capital, away from Lahore.

In Jhamra, neighbouring Nakais, Gayan Singh, Khazan Singh and Bhagwan Singh had pledged brotherhood with Rai Saleh Khan, the Kharal chief.

When Gayan Singh married his daughter, Datar Kaur, to Ranjit Singh, Kharals chipped in the dowry, as a good will gesture.

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