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Since we're close to the end of the generated code, this might well be related to code ", which will be executed during the second run through the generated code.(Program flag 5 is set in the very first instruction of the compiled outline code, therefor, at the end of this snippet, the code starts over at the second instruction.) So, this is the instruction that will be patched by " happens to be within the scorer patch itself, thus rerouting the outline compiler to the display loop.(Thus, even a very high score won't exceed a single row.) Here is a screenshot of the emulation, again representing a score of 18 and 3: ", but, as we'll see, the patch isn't especially related to version 4.8 and would have even worked with Spacewar!3.1.) Time to dive into the code and see how it was done — but not whithout an inclusion of the standard disclaimer, here with a notable addition: Spacewar!

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For the basics of PDP-1 instructions and Macro assembler code, please refer to Part 1 or bring up the instruction list available at the tab at the bottom of the page.What's striking here, is that the same purpose could have been easily served by just patching the instruction at label in the main program and restoring the original contents on the leave of the score display loop.Since the display loop isn't time critical at any rate, this is quite like flexing one's muscles: Is the outline compiler an ingenious piece of code by itself and also the most arcane piece of code in the whole game, this applies even more to the code generated by it on the fly, a piece of code of only a virtual presence.With the movement parameters for the outline code all set up, we're ready to prepare the display itself: We may recall that the outline code is waiting for the display's completion pulse, so we'll have to provide one in advance or the code will wait for ever.For this we're setting up a display location at the very top of the spaceship's outline by loading ) in the outline code will bring us back at the next instruction.

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